Grieving mum donates an incredible 120 gallons of breast milk to help other babies

There's a sad and moving story behind this mum's record-breaking donation


A mum from Omaha, Nebraska named Demi Fransden, pictured here, has donated a record-breaking amount of breastmilk to a children’s hospital where her own baby sadly died. 


Her son, Leo, was born with a serious condition called Gastrochisis, which meant he didn’t have much skin to cover his exposed organs, and spent his short life being treated in Demi’s local Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.


Poor Leo wasn’t able drink much of his mum’s milk – though he could taste little bits of it through a Q-tip. But undeterred, Demi pumped every 3 hours, and decided to donate her excess milk to other babies at the hospital.

Sadly, Leo passed away from his condition unexpectedly when he was just 10 months old. Seeing how much her milk was helping others, Demi continued to pump her milk for donation.

By the time her donations came to an end, she’d produced 17,503 fl ounces of milk. That’s around 495 litres, or 109 UK gallons (or 131 US gallons)

She quite rightly describes her donation as “a dairy aisle, basically” in an emotional interview with local news channel WOWT News.


WOWT reports that her donated milk would help the babies being treated at the same Children’s Hospital where Leo was looked after, and they also announced that it was the most milk they’ve ever received.

How amazing that Demi managed to make these donations and help others, while grieving for her own son. 

Images: WOWT

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