Gwen Stefani was ‘a little heartbroken’ when her son started needing glasses

"It means that's going to be their look their whole life"


Glasses these days really do look pretty cool, right?


They come in all sorts of shapes, styles and colours – and we know plenty of teenagers who opt for the plain lenses even if they don’t need to wear them, just because they’re so on-trend.

Perhaps, for some people at least, there can still be an element of not being too keen on their little ones needing glasses. After all, it’s still quite unusual for younger kids to wear them and anything that singles your child out could make them a target for comments.

For example, not long ago we shared the story of mum Lindsey Fisher, who was worried her 4-year-old son Noah would get picked on for wearing his. She was so concerned that she started a social media campaign to help him see how cool they actually are.

It certainly seems it was a bit of a worry for uber-cool singer/designer Gwen Stefani, too. Her middle son, 8-year-old Zuma (who she shared with rock singer ex-husband Gavin Rossdale), now needs to wear them.

“When you find out your kid needs to wear glasses, it’s like, ‘Ah, no’ because it means that’s going to be their look their whole life – it’s kind of heartbreaking,” she told People magazine.

Though, she went on to say this: “But then it becomes your thing, and you choose [the glasses] together. He’s in elementary school, and the other kids are jealous and want to wear glasses because of Zuma.”


With a mum as stylish as Gwen, we’re pretty sure this dude will be rocking some super-funky specs before long ?

What do you think?

Does your little one wear glasses? When did they get them – and were you worried they might get picked on?

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Image: Instagram/Gwen Stefani

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