Fur real - just like a real dog!

Hamleys has announced its influential toy predictions for this year’s Christmas lists. Tesco’s fave, the Fijit, doesn’t get a mention, but there’s plenty of other hi-tech and interactive toys. However, the toy experts are also predicting a return to traditional play this year. MadeForMums was invited to have a first look at what Hamleys rates this year. This is what 2011 holds...


Favourite characters

Disney’s Cars 2 Fully Loaded has opened up a whole world of toys to collect, from LEGO sets that include the entire cast and the Big Ben London circuit to the McMissile, which Hamleys has placed in its top 10 list. The McMissile toy car comes with missiles that can be fired out of the front of the car and a bulletproof visor, not to mention it speaks in the voice of Michael Caine!

Sesame Street’s most popular little chap, Elmo, has come a long way from his tickle-me days. Now he’s a fully-fledged rock star complete with mic, drums and a tambourine. A little pricey at £100 but Rock on Elmo is definitely a MFM fave due to its cute factor!

Cuddly toys and furry friends

If you’re holding firm against getting your child a pet dog, here’s the next best thing. The Fur Real Cookie is an interactive golden retriever than can be stroked and cuddled. Sensors in her head and cheeks let her feel when she’s being petted, so she responds by blinking, barking and moving her head just like a real dog.

Moshi Monsters have gone cuddly, too. Costing £20 each, you can collect your child’s favourite monster - Poppet, Katsuma, Luvli, Diavlo, Furi or Zommer. They come with adoption certificates and a secret code to use in the Moshi Monsters online world, plus they talk when you press their tummies.

More like this

Hi-tech toys

A surprise entry on the top 10 toy list, the iball3, could be the Rubik's cube of the 2010s. Featuring a brain-boggling hand-eye coordination game with coloured lights and buttons, MFM couldn’t quite work it out but we reckon it’ll be super addictive come Christmas day!

The Kidizoom is back in the top 10 again with an additional feature this year that allows children to twist the viewfinder around to film themselves.

More toys and games to watch out for

Aside from the top 10 toy predictions, traditional board games such as Monopoly and Tiddly-Winks are making a come back, Disney's Tangled is going to be big (we loved the Light Up Rapunzel Doll) and the Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle (£190) is indeed the ultimate present to spoil little princesses with.


Hamleys top 10 toys (in no particular order)

  • Cars 2 Fully Loaded McMissile toy car, £40
  • Transformers 3 Mech Tech Leader asst, £65
  • Fur Real Cookie, £114
  • Kidizoom Twist, £64
  • Rock on Elmo, £100
  • LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple, £116
  • Nerf Vortex Nitron, £58
  • Moshi Monsters Talking Plush, £20
  • iball3, £20
  • The Saturdays Fashionistas, £27