Hands off my bump – it’s against the law!

US state makes it illegal to touch a pregnant belly without permission


It’s a common pregnancy complaint: strangers thinking your bump is public property and giving it an unwelcome rub, pat or grab.


But one US state has actually made it illegal.

In Pennsylvania, it’s now against the law for strangers to touch a pregnant belly without permission of the “owner” – and one man has even been charged with harassment for doing so.

The 57-year-old man was visiting his 30-year-old pregnant neighbour and after giving her a hug, he allegedly rubbed her stomach. The woman pushed him away, he left, and she filed harassment charges against him.

“Pennsylvania law defines harassment as engaging in conduct that harasses, annoys, or alarms a person,” said Pennsylvania-based attorney Phil DiLucente, who’s involved in the case.

What do you think? Have strangers patted your bump uninvited? And should they be arrested if they do? Do post a comment and let us know!

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