Heatwave coming in August?

Weathermen differ about the likelihood of a hot, sunny August


Are we set for a scorching August, or will it be more sunshine and showers? According to The Daily Mail, we’re about to enjoy an incredible heatwave, with temperatures reaching 101F (38.5C) in the middle of August. But when we did our own bit of research, we found this good news story seems to be based on predictions made way back in March this year.


As we’ve come closer to ‘glorious’ August, the weathermen seem to have toned down their sun stories. At the BBC, the forecasters are suggesting the sunshine and showers we’ve become used to in July will continue into August.

However, they are predicting a more settled spell from the middle of August, with some of the sunniest days in the North. Temperatures are likely to be slightly higher than average (though given the last two summers, that’s not saying much) and there should be a fair bit of sunshine, but also, you guessed it, a fair bit of rain.

In fact, July has proved to be a wetter than average month, with 56.6mm falling in the first two weeks of the month – the average is 70mm for the whole of July.


So our recommendations at MFM? Pack your cossie and your brolly – you’ll still have a great British summer.

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