TV presenter Helen Skelton-Myler is in the last few weeks of her 2nd pregnancy.


And the 33-year-old has marked the latest milestone with a rather atmospheric bump shot.

Standing poolside, Helen faces sideways to display her bump, while the sun sets in the background.

Talk about a pregnancy glow ?

"Countdown.... #pregnancy#bump #37weeks” she wrote beside the pic.

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Fans were quick to comment on one aspect of the photo in particular: how petite or “tiny" Helen’s bump is, and how it compares to their own.

“I looked like that at 17 weeks! Very exciting xx” one mum-to-be wrote.

"Oh my days" added another. "I'm 22 weeks and huge compared to you ? xx"

"32 weeks here and I look like I've developed my own solar system!!” joked another pregnant fan. "Looking fab!”

We totally get why there was a flurry of comments like this on Helen's post.

It’s only natural we end up comparing the size of our bump to someone else - for some of us, it can be pretty hard to resist.

But it’s also important to remember that there’s no standard size, 'cos every pregnancy, body and woman is different…

Just look at this gallery of our MFM mums’ bumps at 37 weeks if you need reminding - they’re all as far along as Helen here and not one bump is the same size ?

Anyway, the important thing is that mum and baby are healthy, right?

So as long as everything’s A-OK health-wise with Helen and her new arrival-to-be, it doesn’t really make much difference whether or not she's smaller or bigger or whatever-er than another expectant mum.

This baby will be Helen’s 2nd child with husband Richie Myler. The couple are also mum and dad to son Ernie.

Images: Instagram/Helen Skelton

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