Help for the 1 in 5 children who suffer with eczema

National Eczema Week puts spotlight on common childhood skin complaint


Eczema, a skin condition which can leave skin itchy and inflamed, affects 1 in 5 children, according to the National Eczema Society (NES).


A 2009 Health Care Needs Assessment found that 20% of babies will be affected by eczema in their first year of life.

In total, the NES reports 6 million people in the UK has eczema at any one time.

Eczema can be a very irritating and distressing skin condition for children. Lots of children will find their skin is itchy and uncomfortable. Tell-tale red marks can upset children and make large parts of the skin sore.

National Eczema Week, sponsored by La Roche-Posay, runs from the 15th – 18th of September and aims to give parents crucial advice for dealing with the condition.

If your child is dealing with eczema we’ve got your one-stop health guide, with tips on what to look out for and how to calm the irritation. Plus, we bust 7 common myths about eczema. For babies, we talk you through the causes, treatments and triggers.


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