Hollyoaks ‘missing’ baby Rose leaves fans bewildered

She might be expecting again, but viewers want to know: Where is Rose?!


Well, last night’s episode of Hollyoaks seems to have left fans in a bit of a confused state over character Tegan Lomax’s ‘missing’ baby.


As Tegan wondered whether or not she was expecting her 2nd child (one positive test, one negative…), viewers took to social media to ask one very important question – and it wasn’t ‘who’s the Daddy?’.

Instead, the only concern eagle-eyed watchers had was this: WHERE is her other offspring? ?

The character’s first daughter, Rose, hasn’t been spotted by soap fans for months. And they want to know why.

Tegan, however, didn’t seem overly concerned about the whereabouts of her first born as she revealed to Holly Cunningham she was pregnant with her (Holly’s!) boyfriend’s baby.

Until it was pointed out that the test was negative and Tegan rummaged in the bin for the positive one (it’s all VERY confusing in soap land, isn’t it?).

Anyway, if the producers were hoping for viewers to be left outraged and stunned by all the is-she isn’t-she, then they were probably left a tad disappointed, because all social media cared about was absent Rose.

“Could someone please tell me what happened to Tegan 1st baby Rose? #hollyoaks,” one questioned, while another pondered: “How’s it gonna work out tegan being pregnant when we haven’t even seen Rose in the house for months mother of the year her #hollyoaks.”

Some just got straight to the point, asking: “Please can someone explain to me why Rose hasn’t been seen or even mentioned in months.. has Tegan forgot about her daughter? #hollyoaks”

“Has Rose just been forgotten about? Tegan is always out drinking or at work.. and her daughter hasn’t been seen in ages #hollyoaks.”

Thankfully, Rose did eventually put in an appearance – hurrah! But fans were still far from happy: “Literally the first time I’ve seen Tegan’s child!” one wrote.

Love it – we do like to get involved when it comes to our soaps, don’t we? 

Pic: Hollyoaks/Channel 4

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