Holy strollers! It’s a Batmobile buggy!

No one would mess with you on the nursery run with this…


Put away your designer-collaboration prams and super-high-spec 3-wheeled strollers; we’ve found the coolest buggy in the world – ever. Well, at least in Gotham. Just get an eyeful of this Batmobile… for kids!


The pushchair is based on the ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films and was built by prop designer Tim Baker for Batman superfans Maressa and Josh Earl, and their son Collin, as part of the YouTube series Super-Fan Builds.


Designed around a child’s carseat for safety, the bespoke buggy has a steel frame and is covered with computer-designed PVC foam panels. Unfortunately, it isn’t equipped with a turbo booster to get you to your playdate on time, but you can see from little Collin’s face how much fun it is ride in.

We’re afraid the Batman Baby Stroller hasn’t yet gone into mass production but watch this space! (Not sure quite how you’d get it through shop doors, mind…)

See how the buggy was made below:

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