Homeopathic MMR “vaccine” puts children at risk

Doctors condemn homeopathy practitioners who claim to offer an alternative to the MMR jab


Several homeopaths are offering an alternative to the MMR vaccine, a BBC Scotland investigation has discovered, drawing condemnation from the medical community.


The MMR jab is a routine injection given to children around 13 months to vaccinate them against measles, mumps and rubella, with a booster dose given before children start school. Speculation over a link to autism led to some parents refusing the vaccine in recent years and cases of these deadly diseases have risen as a result. However, recent studies have discredited any link to autism.

Doctors fear parents may choose not to vaccinate their children, instead opting for this “homeopathic prophylaxis” offered without medical evidence.

“It could persuade families that their children are safe and protected when they’re not. Some children may even go on to die,” said Dr Vivienne Nathanson, at the British Medial Association.


If your baby is reaching their first birthday, find out more about the MMR vaccine.

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