Kate's 8-month bump

At 8 months pregnant Kate Middleton revealed that despite being close to giving birth, she sometimes forgot she was pregnant.


"You’re looking very trim,” former hotelier Jenny Cranstone told her when she visited Margate in Kent. “I sometimes forget I’m pregnant,” Kate replied, according to the Express.

We know all bumps are different, so we got to wondering, how did Kate's neat bump compare to other celebs in their 8th month of pregnancy?


Jacqueline Jossa

Jac's bump really started to make an appearance by her 8th month. Wearing some rather stylish pyjamas and a slinky dressing gown in her 8th month of pregnancy, Jac spent the last few weeks wishing her baby would make an appearance.


Kelly Rowland

By 8 months, Kelly's bump was in a lower position - and beautifully round. The Destiny's Child singer's T-shirt revealed what her perfect mum-to-be day involved.

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Hayden Panettiere

Out and proud on holiday in Hawaii, Hayden Panettiere's gorgeous bump can't be missed. Come to think of it, we don't think Hayden ever forgot that she was pregnant at 8 months.


Katie Price

With her 5th pregnancy, Katie Price didn't even know she was pregnant until she was 6 months in, so her bump must have been very petite at the beginning. It's still neat here at 8 months - and Katie's usual tanned colour - as she catches a moment's relaxation snuggled up with her son Junior, 8.


Model Sarah Stage

So this is the 8-month bump that everyone's been talking about. LA model and fitness fan Sarah Stage has come under fire on social media for her small bump and tightly toned abs. While critics have labelled her 'unhealthy', Sarah has responded that she eats a very healthy diet but regularly works out in the gym. One person commented that Sarah's pregnancy bump looks like "my belly after a burger". We kind of know what they mean.

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