When we opened up the internet this morning, we couldn’t help but notice that pictures of Abbey Clancy posing in her pants – just 3 months after giving birth to her second child – were absolutely everywhere.


The pictures have rather divided the MFM office. Some of us couldn't bear to look at the photos of her washboard abs on the cover of Women's Health magazine. We can't help but feel that by saying: 'Wow! Doesn't she look amazing? And she's only just had a baby!' implies, well why don't you look like that, you slob?

We'll tell you why: Abbey Clancy is a model, it's her job to look like that. Instead of dipping back into work emails, she's been dipping back into the gym. And why not? She has quite an impressive modelling career to maintain.

But others took the overzealous reporting of the pictures with a pinch of salt and said simply: 'Good for her'. And to be honest, why shouldn't she proudly flaunt her body? She's worked hard for it.

"I live with a professional athlete [her footballer husband, Peter Crouch]," she said. "We eat healthy meals, home-cooked fresh food. My mum had four children and each time she had a baby, she was back to normal within weeks. So genetics play a part."

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Another celebrity mum who showed off the results of her hard work in the gym is Zoe Saldana. The Guardians of the Galaxy actress gave birth to twins in November 2014 and posted photo of herself in the gym in July 2015.

"Almost there! It's been difficult but so rewarding. I feel strong. All it takes is determination! Mommies we can all do it, damn it!!!" she commented on the Facebook post.

So do you find these pictures motivating or do they set unrealistic standards? We'd love to know how you feel, so let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Women's Health and Facebook / Zoe Saldana

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