How motherhood has changed Alicia Keys

Singer says son Egypt has turned her world upside down


Alicia Keys has revealed that since giving birth two years ago her life has completely changed.


The singer, who has a 2-year-old son Egypt with hubby/rapper Swizz Beatz, claims everything is different for her now.

“To have this type of love in my life at this time in my life, it means so much. Perspectives change, priorities change,” said Alicia to Lara Logan on CBS’ ‘Person to Person, reports People magazine.

“I was such a different person seven years ago. Nothing would stop me traipsing from here to London to L.A. back to London in three days and not sleep.”

“It was just I thought that that was everything. But to have time to spend with my family and my son, it’s like perspectives change a bit, it’s like, ‘Hold up! Let’s not kill ourselves here.’”

And the ‘No One’ songstress hasn’t ruled out adding another to her brood, saying she would have “at least one more.”

But Alicia isn’t the only A-lister to find motherhood a profound change, as actresses Hilary Duff, Penelope Cruz and Maggie Gyllenhall all feel the same.

Did you find becoming a mum changed you?

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