How to Christmas wrap a bike into a reindeer…

Creative ideas to keep your children guessing about large presents under the Christmas tree


Whether you’ve bought your little one a bike or scooter, teddy or doll, keeping their present a surprise is always the hardest part for parents at Christmas.


Cycle retailer Halfords has taken creative gift wrapping to the extreme with the help of professional origamist Mark Bolitho.

Together, this wrapper dream team have created bikes disguised as reindeer pulling a sleigh, and a bike helmet that looks like a bunny rabbit, to stop children figuring out what they will be getting.

Leading origamist Mark says: “Let your children’s imagination run wild this Christmas by spending that little bit of extra time on wrapping and disguising that bike beyond recognition.”

Sadly, Mark hasn’t shared his Origami instructions with us. However, here’s some YouTube instruction making a more pocket-sized reindeer.

So if you’ve bought your child a bike and facing the big wrap challenge, you may want to think about opting for a Halfords giant Christmas Gift Bag. For £2, it festively wraps children’s bikes plus other large items without all the sticky tape and paper – or the origami.


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