How to keep your child safe at a fireworks display

Bonfire Night is always a great family night get together, but make sure you're aware of potential dangers


Guy Fawkes night is a very big sensory time for very young children, as there are several different lights, strobes, colours, loud explosions and bright flashes all going on at the same time. Although it is a very exciting time, it’s important to be careful about keeping young children safe. 


Protect your child’s ears

When attending a fireworks display remember to protect your small children’s ears.  Displays tend to be very loud registering 140dB, which may be loud enough to cause hearing loss. Sounds of 80dB and above can affect babies and small children’s hearing development.  Ear muffs are good for use on babies and toddler, however, there is no ear protection for newborns.  

Ear plugs are not advisable for babies and toddlers, as they can damage their ear canals and could potentially become a choking hazard if they find their way into your child’ s mouth.

Keep children warm

You are likely to be standing out in the cold for a fair amount of time – why is it, that firework displays never seem to start on time. So it’s best to protect your children by making sure their heads, hands and feet are well covered.

Keep a safe distance from bonfires

Although they’re gorgeously warm and captivating, keep children at a safe distance from small or large bonfires. Crackling bonfires may have sparks that fly out and could land in your child’s eye.

Also wood smoke may contain many noxious chemicals, especially if treated wood is being burnt, which you don’t want your child inhaling. 

Fireman Sam’s top tips

In time for bonfire night children’s TV character Fireman Sam has launched a Special Safety Month. He’s put together a brilliant set of videos that you may also find helpful if you’re setting up your own display.

Take a look at the video below on keeping your child away from an open fire.

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