How to use Adele to get your kid to eat ANYTHING

So....jello from the outside....


Choo choo trains, hiding vegetables in sauce, even putting the food on our own plate – we’ll try anything to get baby to eat their lunch. But this is a new one on us…


This dad uses the lyrical stylings of Adele – as well as R&B greats such as R Kelly and Lionel Ritchie to get his baby to eat his dinner – and it’s just brilliant.

Charles Flartey from New Jersey films himself singing to his 1-year-old son Tommy while he feeds him – changing some of the lyrics so they’re about what he’s eating.

Jello? Is it me you’re looking for?

We don’t know who’s having more fun to be honest, the crooning dad or the giggling baby?!

But it’s not just desserts, that Tommy loves to eat while being serenaded.

“Turkey and cheese, I need it ‘cos I know that I’m a fiend, gonna eat it till my highchair’s clean… you taste so good to me, turkey and cheese.”

Just genius.

How do you get your little one to eat all their dinner? Let us know in the comments below.

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