Hurry up Hugh – Hugh Grant’s baby girl still not registered

If Hugh Grant’s newborn daughter isn’t registered in the next three months it could lead to a fine actually…


New dad Hugh Grant, 51, faces a £200 fine as his newborn daughter still isn’t registered. Both Hugh and the baby’s mother, Tinglan Hong, have failed to register the birth of their baby girl, reportedly named Jessica, Westminster register office has confirmed.


Missing the 42-day time limit is quite a common occurrence, but if neither Hugh or Tinglan register the baby within the next three months, the registrar faces a possible £200 fine.

Hugh appears to be following in the footsteps of Ed Miliband, who earlier this year claimed to be too busy to register himself as the father of his eldest son, Daniel. Although, Ed’s busy with politics, Hugh’s busy schedule reportedly includes flying to Scotland to play golf half an hour after his daughter was born…


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