Opening up about an experience as personal as a miscarriage can feel impossible, especially since it can seem like no one ever really talks about it.


But that’s all changing online – for us, it seems like everywhere we turn, women are working together to break down the barriers and encourage others to share their stories.

Dr Jessica Zucker, a psychologist who miscarried her 2nd pregnancy at 16 weeks, is one of the women slashing the stigma.

The now mum of 2 told SELF magazine that she started spotting at the 4-month mark, and not long after went into labour.

She was alone at home when she delivered, cut the umbilical cord, and began hemorrhaging. Her husband came home and took her to hospital, where the remains of the placenta were removed.

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"2 hours later I went back to my house and was no longer pregnant," Jessica told the mag.

"That was pretty much the most profound thing that ever happened in my life. The most traumatic."

Her experience left her to set up an Instagram account called I Had A Miscarriage, where she publishes the words of women who’ve been through it – at many different stages of pregnancy.

We just have to say how powerful we find all of these stories, and we wanna thank Jessica for putting it together ?

We'd definitely advise you to check out. Here are some of the emotional stories out there…

Images: Instagram/I Had A Miscarriage

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