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"I love being a grandma!" Gloria Estefan talks about baby Sasha

Gloria Estefan speaks about family life

Singer Gloria Estefan, 55, mum to Emily and Nayib, talks about how much she enjoys being a grandmother to baby Sasha.


Her son Nayib’s little boy was born last year. Gloria tweeted at the time: “My heart was already full & now it runs over! There's a new man in my life! I'm in love!”

The baby’s name, Sasha Argento, was the back-up name she was going to use for Nayib. “Sasha Argento is an Arab name that stands for 'the benefactor of mankind',” she said.

Now that he’s a year old, she spoke to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how much she loves her new role. “I am in love with my grandson! He lives very close and I can walk over and play with him every chance I get, or he comes over here and I put him on a swing that I had put in for my daughter, Emily, when she was a baby.

“He’s already walking all over the place and he loves to show me his toys and takes my hand to take me wherever he wants to go. He is quite a blessing and it makes me very happy to see the relationship he shares with my son, who is an amazing father.”

The Cuban-born singer, who is still going strong after decades in the music industry, has been married to her husband and manager, Emilio, for 35 years. Family is important to the pair. “I always told [Nayib], ‘you will never know what life is all about until you have a baby.’

“He’s a great dad, but it’s challenging and I warned him about it. They have their sleepless nights, so it’s tough sometimes, but he’s handling it great,” she told

“You can’t spoil kids with too much love. What I love about [Nayib and Emily] is that they are normal kids; they are really nice and humble and care about other people. And that’s what you really hope for the next generation too.”

Her daughter, Emily, is planning to go to college in a few months. Gloria has said Emily is the best musician in the family: she plays the drums, the guitar and piano. “Emily loves being, literally, Auntie Em! The baby loves her and they share a very special bond,” she said.

Gloria’s new album The Standards is out on September 10.



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