Our MadeForMums reviews team is known for putting products through the toughest tests, and trying them as only parents can.


We’re very proud of our extremely thorough, honest and well-researched reviews, but let’s be frank, a product review, while very important to us, is not an exact science - it’s still based on opinion.

Case-in-point; we recently published a review on the iCandy Peach 3, a product that is proud, among other things, of having a one-hand folding system.

Our Digital Content Editor and mum-of-2 Magda tested the Peach 3 and said in her review that she didn’t find it practical to fold with one hand - she included a video (see below) to demonstrate why.

However, iCandy immediately rose to the challenge and created a video showing how it can be folded using only one hand.

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iCandy also backed up its video by explaining why it thinks the fold system on the Peach 3 is a vital part of the pushchair. "The One-Hand Fold has been designed to provide total ease of use, ideal when both hands are not available.

"The Peach 3 also offers parents the functionality of swiftly removing the seat unit and carrycot one handed, perfect for transporting baby when sleeping in carrycot mode.”

So we've heard from our MFM tester Magda and iCandy, but what do you think? We need your help to decide how practical it is to fold the iCandy Peach 3 with one hand.

Here are the videos, check them out and let us know what you think - one hand or two?

First is the iCandy version

Second is Magda's review




Hazelann WilliamsFormer Reviews Editor

Having been a journalist for 15 years – and Reviews Editor at MadeForMums for five of those – Hazelann has accrued a lot of experience testing and reviewing every baby product imaginable.