Iceland’s credit crunch baby boom

Economic stability may be down, but birth rates are up


Last month, we reported on what could be a recession-induced baby boom in the UK, and it seems as though Iceland is experiencing the same thing!


The number of births in Iceland has already increased 3.5% this year. The first half of 2009 saw 2,389 babies born – in 2008, the number was 2,313 for the same period.

Icelandic commentators have made the connection between this rise in births in recent weeks to Iceland’s banking sector crash 10 months ago, reports the Telegraph.

The newborns have been called “Kreppa babies” – Kreppa comes from the Icelandic word for crisis.

Here are some of the theories surrounding the baby boom…

  • With unemployment now at 9% in Iceland, people have more time on their hands!
  • Couples impacted upon by the economic downturn found comfort in their relationships. Aww!
  • Intense emotions experienced after the collapse of Iceland’s three biggest banks played a part.

However, Iceland does have one of the highest birth rates in Europe, and it has a small population, which makes drawing conclusions difficult, some experts have said.


Do you think your pregnancy is link to the credit crunch? Or do you think your sex life is independent of the worldwide financial markets?! Let us know below…

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