IKEA recalls children’s bed canopies: ‘strangulation risk’

Reports of 'neck entanglement' in IKEA children's bed canopies has prompted the Swedish company to issue a 'precautionary' recall for all 2.7m canopies sold worldwide


Scandinavian retailer IKEA is recalling all the children’s bed canopies it’s sold since 1996 as a precautionary measure, after 11 families reported that their children’s necks has become entangled in the draping fabric.


It’s thought 514,790 of the bed canopies have been sold in the UK since 1996, and 2.7m sold worldwide.

“Although no permanent injuries have been reported, we received 11 reports of neck entanglement,” says Carol McSeveney of IKEA.

“We consulted leading experts in hazard identification and risk assessment, who concluded that a potential risk exists when the canopies are used around the cots and beds of infants and young children.”

So, IKEA decided to recall the canopies “as a precautionary measure due to a potential strangulation risk.”

Exactly which IKEA bed canopies have been recalled?

The product names of the affected bed canopies are:

  • MINNEN bed canopy set

What do you do if you have one of the canopies?

You should remove the canopy from your child’s bedroom immediately. Then you can return the canopy to any IKEA store for a full refund.

If you have a receipt, you will be refunded with cash or a refund on your payment card, as appropriate. If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll be given your refund as a gift card.

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