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“I’m in a board meeting and having a miscarriage – thank goodness” tweets mum

Penelope Trunk causes outrage by sharing her shocking miscarriage news with 20,000 on Twitter

Pregnant mum-of-two Penelope Trunk has caused a furore on Twitter in the US after she casually tweeted about her miscarriage. She suspected she was going to have a miscarriage when she started bleeding for a few days but instead of rushing to the hospital, she updated her Twitter account.


“I update my Twitter constantly. Why would that day be any different? So, I didn’t think twice before twittering about my miscarriage as it’s no different to me saying what I had for lunch” Penelope revealed to Grazia magazine.

The tweet that she posted shared this shocking intimate detail in such a casual way, it caused outrage amongst her 20,000 something ‘followers’. “I’m in a board meeting. Having a miscarriage. Thank goodness, because there’s a f**ked up 3 week hoop-jump to have an abortion,” was her exact tweet.

At 42-years-old, the fAmerican author and career advisor confessed she wasn’t too pleased when she found out she was pregnant with her fiance of 18 months. After she discovered there was a 3 week wait to book an abortion, she admitted that she wasn’t upset about losing her baby. “Do you expect me to cry every time I talk about it? It’s a fact: I’m happy I lost that baby.”

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Her shockingly honest and controversial attitude towards her miscarriage plus her decision to openly share it on Twitter, have offended fans of her book, ‘Brazen Career, The New Rules For Success’.

‘Followers’ of her Twitter page quickly reacted with some saying her tweet was “classless, crass, gross and inappropriate”, and “it’s not something you should celebrate on Twitter. You should be mourning”. A few left words of support believing she was right to share her experience. “Penelope, you’re right, women have to talk – we have to upset the status quo” tweeted one. While another commented that “one person’s ‘too much information’ is another person’s ‘thank goodness someone is talking about it’”.

Showing no regrets, Penelope believes her actions were ethical and that she got the controversial subject into the public eye. “To me, my tweet was a public service announcement. It got people talking about the taboos of miscarriage and unwanted pregnancy. I bet there are many stay-at-home mums who fall pregnant unexpectedly and are equally relieved to miscarry. I have no regrets.”


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