Charlie and Lola's Lola has Soren Lorenesen, Max from Where The Wild Things Are has a whole host of peculiar-looking ones - yep, we're talking about the imaginary friend.


But new evidence suggests these invisible chums are on the decrease, in real life at least. We've read one stat (quoted in the Guardian) that says in 2001 almost half of all British children had an imaginary friend. Today, only 17% do.

A big part of the reason for this has been put down to the constant availability of a tablet. Why make a friend up when you have them constantly on your screen in the form of Peppa Pig, Horrid Henry or whoever?

Is it such a bad thing, though? This Guardian journalist thinks so, writing:

"Of course! Imaginary friends help children understand the world, or learn to withdraw from it in a healthy way.

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"They can even act as tools that allow toddlers to role-play authority. They’re hugely valuable."

But what do you think? Does your little one have an imaginary friend? Do you think it's good for them? And do you agree technology's to blame for them dying out?

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