Incredible case of baby born with no blood

Mum tells how doctors miraculously saved her bloodless baby's life


A baby has survived after being born with a rare condition that drained his body of blood in the womb. The boy, now aged 15 months old, has been described by doctors as one of the “most amazing recoveries they’d ever seen”.


His mum, Katy, from Kent had been rushed to hospital at 37 weeks pregnant after experiencing bleeding. However, she was shocked to discover that the blood she thought was her own, was actually her baby’s. A rare condition called Vasa Previa had formed an extra vein in the womb and burst.

Oliver was born via emergency caesarean, weighing 6lb 1oz. “Oliver had no blood, no heartbeat and looked stillborn – but somehow they got him back,” mum Katy told the Telegraph.

After having a blood transfusion, little Oliver was then to a special care baby unit to recover, as doctors battled to help his heart and brain heal efficiently, after the extreme loss of blood – and oxygen.

After only 11 days, Katy and husband, Jeff, were able to take their miracle son home to start family life. Oliver was also then able to meet his older brother Jack, 7. 

“Ollie’s now a bright, happy boy with his whole life ahead of him,” said Katy. “I will never be able to thank [the doctors] enough for this wonderful gift.”

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