Every once in a while, we come across an Instagram account that makes us all say 'wow' ?


Mum Mary Parkinson's account has done just that - as we are totally amazed and in awe of her preemie baby Grace's journey so far. From what we've read, it's by no means been an easy one.

Grace weighed just over 1lb when she was born at 23 weeks, and has now grown to weigh 5lbs at 3 months old.

Above, Mary shares her first family photo, alongside her husband Zac. And below, she's posted a #TransformationTuesday pic of Grace at birth and at 3 months...

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grace transformation

"?Happy 3 month birthday to this little one!!" she wrote beside the snap. "I can’t believe how much she has grown in such a short time! On the left [she] weighed just over 1lb. She now weighs over 5lbs!!

"We are so lucky to be your parents!!❤️❤️❤️"

Mary's also shared photos of Grace at various stages: first at 2 weeks old, 5 weeks old (and 2lbs), and at 10 weeks old, using a CPAP machine (which helps her to learn to breathe on her own)...

grace at 2 weeks

grace at 5 weeks

grace at 10 weeks

The new mum also took a pic to celebrate Grace no longer needing IVs or an incubator. Here's her 1st time in a crib...

grace in her crib

We know Grace still has some ways to go - she's about to have laser eye surgery to prevent her from going blind.

But we're sending HUGE amounts of love to her, and all the little preemie baby fighters out there ?

Images: Instagram/Mary Parkinson

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