Instagram mum comes clean with truth behind ‘perfect squares’

Mum behind kids' fashion Insta reveals her less than glamorous reality


Scrolling down the Kidz Fashion Instagram feed, every picture is flawless. Little kids wearing impossibly perfect outfits on impossibly clean, white backgrounds.


Let alone the impeccably styled outfits – how on earth do these babies and toddlers stay so clean?!

But now the mum behind the Australian page that has a dedicated fanbase of over 475,000 followers has revealed the truth behind her perfect-looking home life.

Sharing a less-than-perfect video of her daughters Harlow and Hattie at home, Becky Garland wrote: “My house is messy. My kids are covered in texta pen. My eldest only wants to wear her Kmart $7 tutu. My youngest has banana smeared all throughout her hair and clothes. The toys are all hand me downs.”

Well, it’s certainly different from the perfectly styled shots! Becky explains: “It’s so easy to be mistaken that within these little squares lives the perfect family, the perfect children, the perfect life.

“But, the reality is most of us aren’t leading the life you may think. My life is not glamorous.”

And even though she loves Instagram, she says it’s important to take it for what it is.

“Even though I sit and look through perfect Insta feeds sometimes wishing my life was like theirs….I stop….I watch my children…and I then realise I am the luckiest fucking woman alive, perfect squares or not.”

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