Instagram mums disapprove of Peaches Geldof’s pic

Picture of baby lying face-down on bed sparks debate


Peaches Geldof yesterday shared a picture of her 3-month-old son Phaedra lying on his tummy in bed with the caption: “Goodnight everyone!”


The picture, shared on Peaches’ Instagram to her 43,000 followers, has received a flurry of comments from concerned mums about the dangers of allowing babies to lie face-down.

“Sleeping on the belly can cause cot death. Here in Norway they give out pj’s where it says this side up. The cot death has statistics have gone down a lot! Just a tip from one mom to another;)” said one follower.

“You should never criticise another parenting style. What you think is right isn’t to someone else. As long as the child is happy relaxed and healthy it’s all that matters,” said another.

Further comments speculate that Peaches may be co-sleeping with her babies, though it’s not clear from the picture that this is the case.

Peaches has not responded to the comments.

For the safety of your baby, we follow the advice of the Lullaby Trust which recommends that you always place your baby on their back to sleep. For more advice, read our 11 ways to keep your baby sleeping safely.

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