Introducing the amazing bogey picker!

Designed to pick out the most stubborn of bogies, the 'Cleebo' device is not to be sniffed at


We see lots of weird and wonderful things here at the MFM headquarters, and sometimes they are too good not to share. The Cleebo is one of them!


If you are one of those who, with much determination, try and pick out stubborn bits of dirt and grit out of your child’s nostril with no avail, this little nifty device might just be the key. According the recent research, a whooping 80% admitted to using potentially dangerous instruments like tweezers or pencils (!!!!) to pry out the offending bogey. That’s where the Cleebo comes into action.

Although it does, in fact, look like a pair of tweezers, the edges are covered in a funky coloured rubber (apparently to gage your tot’s interest – does that mean we’ll have a generation of tweezer-using bogey catchers?!) and have safety ‘wings’ to stop them going too far up the nose…

They can be plonked in the dishwasher or sterilised and apparently have proved a hit amongst bogey-hating parents (yes, we’ve used the word ‘bogey’ ALOT!).


You can buy this unique product here. Just don’t try and pluck your eyebrows with them!


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