If the Frozen craze has pushed your tolerance for snowmen and singing over the edge, then you might be ready for the next big Disney hit… enter, Big Hero 6, the supersized hero adventure.


MFM went to a special preview of the action-packed film last week, and we laughed and cried. The main character Hiro, a boy with a knack for robotics, goes through something of a devastating family event quite early on *sob*. In true superhero style, Hiro is left to save the day against his arch nemesis.

Luckily he has plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax and a quirky band of university friends to help him - this is where the laughter comes in. We have to say, Baymax is the heart and soul of the film. As Fred says, hugging him is "like spooning a warm marshmallow".

But will all that heart and humour be enough for your little ones to leave their beloved Frozen DVD gathering dust on the shelf? You decide…


Baymax vs Olaf

Baymax is loveable, huggable and hilarious. OK, so Olaf is pretty funny too, but he never made us feel like this awkwardly oversized robot.

Robotics vs magic powers

Hiro can't build an ice castle with his bare hands like Elsa, but he can use his computer to 3D print a robot. And we kind of think that's more useful.


True friendship vs sisterhood

Elsa and Anna really got us with that sisterhood is true love thing. But Hiro has 5 wacky friends who are willing to become superheroes for him, proving friends really are the family you choose.

Complicated stories

Long gone are the days when a Disney film would be wrapped up in 90 minutes. The new wave of Disney hits are a little longer – Big Hero 6 is 108 minutes and Frozen was 109 – and they have a lot more going on. Big Hero 6 used the extra 20 minutes run time to really build up Hiro's back story and his special bond with Baymax. But on your first cinema viewing expect to answer lots of questions from your little ones as they try to keep up with the fast-moving plot!


San Fransokyo vs Arendelle

Big Hero 6 is set in a futuristic city called San Fransokyo. Yes, it's basically a place that looks remarkably like San Francisco but with lots of elements of Tokyo thrown in. It's not quite as magical and twinkly as Arendelle but it's the perfect setting for this futuristic mash up of American and Japanese cultures.

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Big Hero 6 is in UK cinemas from Friday 30 January.


See the full trailer below…