Is singer Katy Perry ‘two-months pregnant’?

It's not the first time Katy's been rumoured to be pregnant, but now the story's on the cover of a magazine, we look at the evidence...


Katy Perry is pregnant – if we’re to believe the front-page of a US magazine.


But before we get too excited about this latest showbiz baby-in-waiting it’s worth knowing that Katy’s people have swiftly denied that the singer is expecting. Sigh…

The rumour mill went into overdrive when USA OK! magazine published a pic of Katy on its front cover with the headline ‘Katy’s Pregnant!’  It also claimed that a spring wedding was in the offing, and that her boyfriend John Mayer was a ‘changed man’. Blimey! 

But despite the assertions of USA OK! (and remember this is the magazine that broke the surprise story that Eva Mendes was pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby), it would appear the story isn’t true, with a source close to Katy telling reporters that the 30-year-old is definitely not pregnant.

“Katy is not pregnant. She can’t even think about getting pregnant right now. She is in the middle of her world tour,” the mole told the Mail Online.

Indeed, Katy’s current schedule is enough to make anyone dream of putting their feet up with a cup of tea and a custard cream, let alone a woman who should be in the throes of morning sickness, lethargy and on a hormonal rollercoaster.

Just this week Katy has a gig in France before hopping across to Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Solvakia, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Denmark. And it doesn’t end there – her schedule is jam-packed until the middle of May with dates in Japan, China and Thailand.  Can you imagine that kind of itinerary during your first trimester?  No, us neither! 

So we reckon Katy’s not expecting right now. Although, if we see any tell-tale pregnancy signs as she takes to the stage in those midriff-baring costumes and fitted frocks we’ll be in touch, pronto. 

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