Is this just, well, potty?

The inventor of the Carry Potty has just produced the world’s most expensive potty

Amanda Jenner, who created the My Carry Potty, originally made this genuine Swarovski crystal studded creation as a potty present for a friend. But when she put the picture on facebook she started getting requests for her posh potties from fans.


Mum of three Amanda invented the original My Carry Potty after being shouted at in the street for tipping the contents of her young son’s potty down a drain when he was caught short while potty training.

Her unique carry design is available in yellow, pink or blue and costs £24.99. It’s been designed to use anywhere and is fitted with an ingenious rubber seal and clip shut lid, making it completely leak and odour-proof.

Of her latest star-studded creation Amanda says: ‘I love anything a bit glittery so I created this bit of bling for a good friend. I cannot believe the reaction to it, I really didn’t think people would pay so much for them – they have to be handcrafted and use more than 2500 genuine Swarovski crystals. We’ve had a few requests from celebrities so it seems we could be adding a bit of sparkle to some people’s potty training.’

How much will one of these sparkly seats cost you? Be prepared to fork out £700 for the privilege of sitting beautifully!


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