Is this the answer to the term-time holiday row?

One school's come up with a pretty ingenious plan to stop the term-time holiday dispute


Rarely a week goes by at the moment when the headlines don’t feature at least one story about a family who have got themselves into trouble for taking their kids out of school for a term-time holiday.


With summer fast approaching, we’re guessing there are probably a fair few of you out there who are feeling more than a little tempted to let your kids skip a week or 2 of school so you can get a cheaper holiday deal. Are we right?

So here in the MFM office we were pretty impressed with the thinking that’s come from one headteacher at a school in Kent, offering a super-nifty solution to the whole term-time holiday nightmare. What is it, you ask?


Headteacher Rachel Streatfield of Chiddingstone Primary School, near Tunbridge Wells, has announced her school will be adding 20 minutes to each school day – meaning pupils will get 2 extra weeks of holiday at off-peak times to take advantage of non-school holiday rate vacations – while not missing out on valuable lesson time.

This means that children will get two weeks instead of one for the May and October half-term breaks.

“We are conscious that parents will be able to benefit by taking their children on holiday when prices might be more affordable, but we also feel the longer half-term holidays will keep the terms short and therefore allow us to teach the curriculum more efficiently,” Ms Streatfield told The Mirror.

Another benefit to the extended hours, says Ms Streatfield, is that the extra 20 minutes will help the older kids prepare for the longer days they’ll have at secondary school.

So far the school reports it has had “only positive feedback” from parents regarding the changes – and we can’t say we’re surprised.

Fair play to Ms Streatfield – we love the fact there’s a headteacher out there using a bit of out-of-the-box thinking to find a solution that works for the schools, the parents and the kids.

More of this, please! ?

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