Skateboarding and pushing a buggy at the same time sounds like a lot of fun. But it also strikes us that it could be a) quite difficult to control and b) with our sensible heads on, quite dangerous.


However, the fun-loving (and clearly risk taking) people at Quinny have taken the plunge and made an innovative new buggy that incorporates an adult skateboard into a toddler pushchair.

The Longboard stroller allows you to ride the skateboard while pushing your toddler (from 1 - 3 years) in the seat.

When in action the Longboard is faster than you'd normally be able to push a buggy, although with a pushchair chassis and seat unit perched on it we doubt there will be any 360 spins or Godzilla Flips during the trip back from nursery.

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Quinny apparently got the idea for the Longboard after it commissioned a study on urban parenting and found out that parents living in metropolitan areas travel around their city a lot less after they have children.

So the Dutch company set about making a parent and baby-friendly form of transport that will give parents “freedom to roam.”

Commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing and sliding, longboards are a longer variant of a normal skateboard and are often faster because of wheel size.

So what about safety?

As you would expect this buggy comes equipped with a number of safety features to protect your toddler just in case the ride gets a little too gnarly. It has a safety bar that sits across the front of the buggy and more importantly it has a safety brake on the handle bar, to ensure it will stop quickly if needed.

And in the (unlikely) event that you fall off the board there is a security cable that wraps around your wrist and connects to the buggy so it doesn’t run away, rather like a surfboard.

Children also have to wear a helmet and protective wear, such as knee and elbow protection. Quinny also states that parents should wear protective gear for the head and body too.

So do you need skateboarding experience? No, but Quinny does recommend that you do a practice run first - without your child - to get used to the steering and handling.

So how much is it?

The price of this leisure buggy is set to be around £500, so it's not a cheap stroller.

Saying that, there really isn’t anything else like in on the market, and Quinny has only made 1000 Longboards, so we reckon it could be a sell-out.

When's it on sale?

The company is currently running tests in different European cities (the Longboard will only be available in Europe) and states on its website that the first Longboards should go on sale "in the next few months". You'll only be able to buy it through the website, but first you'll need to register.


So what do you think? Would you give it a go? Tell us below...


Hazelann WilliamsFormer Reviews Editor

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