This has to be the sweetest back-to-school story we have seen - not to mention the revealing of the world's best lollipop lady (probably).


A Reddit user posted the above pic captioned with "On the first day of school, our local crossing guard set this up at her intersection for kids who needed something. She paid for it all herself".

The image shows a make-shift stall on the pavement lovingly decked out with a vibrant red cover offering passing children a colourful array of stationery and pencil cases for the start of the new school year.

The picture and crossing patrol officer's kindness immediately had other Reddit users posting their admiration and appreciation - with some 1010 people leaving a message about what she had done.

"As a teacher in a poor district, we need more folks like this! No school is ever going to turn down supplies or volunteer hours" one user wrote, while another mused: "Awwww. I can imagine her in the shop putting all of it in her little shopping trolley."

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One poster claimed to know who the lady was, and named her as 'Valentine', a crossing patrol who worked for Glen Ridge elementary school in New Jersey.

"She has been working on that corner since I was born, and she's been there with the most infectious smile I've ever seen every damn day since before I started and after I graduated," the commenter said. "She'd set these little stands up every year for the last week of school and the week it started; sometimes school supplies, sometimes snacks and candy, sometimes little gifts."

Aw, lollipop men and women are just SO lovely - we've yet to meet a grumpy one. And what a lovely tale to warm the heart on even the frostiest of autumnal school run mornings!

Do you have fond memories of your school crossing patrol? Or do your kids have a marvellous one now?

Picture: Reddit

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