Is this the strangest way to induce labour ever?

At 40 weeks pregnant, Bonnie Northsea does the Thriller dance to bring on the birth


Take a brisk walk, eat spicy food, spoon down castor oil or get a bit steamy in the bedroom… There are plenty of old wives’ tales about bringing on labour. But, we have to say, dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller is a new one on us!


At 40-weeks-pregnant Bonnie Northsea, from Florida, gave it a try with hilarious results – and posted the whole thing to her YouTube page! “Someone told me that thriller would induce labour,” she said. “Here I am on my due date, 40 weeks, February 11, 2015, looking like a fool. I’m so awesome!”

So far, her Thriller moves haven’t had any baby-inducing effects but Bonnie also revealed that her dance also gave her a much-needed reason to smile. “My husband is fighting a battle with testicular cancer (just diagnosed a month ago), so it has been difficult emotionally recently,” she said. “This video really helped as it has caused me to laugh over and over again.”

Watch the full thing above, and let us know if you give it a go (and what happens next)!

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