Is this the weirdest toddler birthday cake ever?

Strange but true! A cat wearing a slice of pizza tops celeb 2 year-old's party cake


As a big fan of pink and all things girly, you’d think that Holly Madison would pick a princess theme for her 2-year-old daughter’s birthday cake. But the former Girls of the Playboy Mansion star chose something rather more out there… a 3-tier pizza cake topped with a cat!


What’s more, it’s not a cute kitty that’s sitting on top of the cake it’s a cat with its head through a slice of (wait for it)… pizza. Top marks for originality! “Can’t wait til Rainbow sees her cake #PizzaCat #FavoriteCharacter,” the 35-year-old commented on Instagram. 


The Las Vegas-based model also posted a picture of the tot cuddling a lemur at her animal-themed birthday bash.

Holly is married to businessman Pasquale Rotella and alongside the pics of the crazy cake, shared a stunning picture of herself and her hubby getting into the children’s party spirit and playing on a swing.

What kind of birthday cake did you make (or buy!) for your little one? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Instagram / Holly Madison

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