Is this the worst case of head lice ever? VIDEO

Scream! You won’t believe how many wriggling head lice are combed out of this child’s hair...



When it comes to nits, we thought we’d seen, itched and despairingly combed it all. But this has to be the worst infestation of head lice we’ve EVER seen.

The YouTube video is described as an ‘incredible case of head lice in a child of no more than 7 years’. Well, we reckon ‘incredible’ doesn’t even come close to describing this shocker! The child’s hair is quite literally crawling with lice – and you just won’t believe the number of insects that come off her hair when it’s combed.

WARNING: watching this may make you feel a bit squeaky and will almost certainly have you scratching your own head in automatic response. You have been warned!

Of course, it’s incredibly rare to see a head-lice infestation as severe as this. But it’s definitely made us take another look at our advice on keeping those nits away from children’s hair…


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