Is this tooth monster doll the creepiest thing ever?

Once the tooth fairy takes the teeth away, that should be the end of it – right?


We’re used to Pinterest being full of rainbow cakes, kids in impossibly cute outfits and DIY pom poms. Twee, pretty and somewhat unrealistic.


But the latest crafting idea to come from those usually fun-filled boards isn’t something that we’re tempted to try anytime soon…

Feast your eyes on the Tooth Monster Doll – made from your child’s teeth (and their tears, presumably).

“Tooth Monster doll – you just take your little one’s baby teeth and sew or glue them into a monster doll’s mouth. Now your child can cuddle with a plush toy made from his or her own discarded body parts! FUN!” the description on Pinterest reads.

But not everyone agrees the doll is fun.

“That is so creepy,” one user commented.

“NEVER DO THIS MY FRIENDS!!” another added.

We’re convinced it’s the actual stuff of nightmares.

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