“It could have been a boy” Alex Reid’s girlfriend suffers an ectopic pregnancy

The cage fighter speaks for the first time about his girlfriend’s pregnancy


Alex Reid’s girlfriend of 7 months, Nikki Menashe, suffered from an ectopic pregnancy 3 weeks ago. She miscarried and was “hours away from death”.


Alex, a cage fighter and Katie Price’s ex-husband, told Now Magazine that they didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant. He was working when his personal trainer girlfriend, Nikki, started suffering from painful stomach cramps.

Alex, 38, encouraged Nikki, 29, to call NHS Direct but they advised her to go to hospital. She was scanned, but discovered the pregnancy was ectopic, meaning it was growing in the fallopian tube.

Nikki told Now Magazine: “When they told me I was pregnant I was gobsmacked. We’d only been together 7 months and I was on the Pill. But we could’ve made it work. Then, 12 hours later, the nurse did the scan and told us: ‘There’s no life in the womb.’”

Alex said: “It was traumatic and horrible. It could’ve been a little boy. But now I’ve just got to be strong for Nikki.

“It was a horrible time. When I heard she was pregnant I thought the timing was scary. But I love kids, so I thought: ‘I can be a dad again.’ But I have to think: ‘there was no life there, no soul. The baby would never live.’

“After, they asked if we wanted a cremation, but I had to tell myself the baby was never really alive. I can’t think about it any other way. The hardest thing was seeing Nikki in so much pain. The doctor told her if they’d discovered it 6 hours later, she could have died.”

Alex and Nikki would like to try for a baby again in the future, according to Now Magazine, and are currently trying to raise awareness about ectopic pregnancy.

Alex is in the middle of a custody battle with Chantelle Houghton over their daughter, 14-month-old Dolly.

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