“I’ve always wanted to be a mother” pregnant Melissa George gets her wish

The actress has announced that she and her boyfriend are expecting their first child


Melissa George, 37, announced on Twitter that she’s having a baby. She wrote: “Baby on the way! So happy… xx”


The Australian actress, who started her career on Home and Away, is due to give birth in February.

“This baby is very wanted and very much what we’ve been waiting for,” she told OK! Magazine. “It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and every time I had a birthday I would just be a little bit sad. You don’t mind clicking over another number when you’ve got something inside you, growing, that you’ve always dreamed about.”

She is said to be well into her second trimester now, but she found the first trimester difficult. “I was feeling nauseous pretty much all day, but nothing major; just tired. For me, it’s just amazing how hungry you are. I’ve been craving Mexican food.”

She told OK! that she and the baby’s father, French millionaire Jean-David Blanc, 45, know the gender of the baby but aren’t saying. They’re already discussing names: “I’m really into old cinema and all that, but it’s such a joint decision. Mine are going to be all bohemian and they’re probably not going to fly, but the most important thing for me is that it works in both cultures. It’s going to have a huge Australian influence and I want the name to work in my native country. But the baby has a French daddy so it’s going to have to work there, too. There’ll be lots of middle names!”

Melissa split from her film director ex-husband, Claudio Dabed, in 2011 after 11 years together.

But it was love at first sight with Jean-David Blanc. “We knew, instantly. Everything else went away. Everything went quiet,” she told Hello! Magazine.

“I’d [get married] again in a heartbeat. I don’t think ‘because it didn’t work out the first time, it won’t work out.’ When you have a baby together, it’s something that would be an extension.”

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