Jack Tweed explains how Chanelle’s pregnancy affected their split

As Chanelle gives birth, Jade Goody’s widow reveals he didn’t want to lose another relationship with a child


Jack Tweed has revealed that his break-up with pregnant Chanelle Hayes was partly due to his aversion to settling down.


The couple had been dating since April, and Jack has admitted that Chanelle’s pregnancy played a big part in the breakdown of their relationship.

Chanelle gave birth earlier today, and the dad is footballer Matthew Bates.

Jack, who lost wife Jade Goody to cancer, has since been refused access to his stepsons by their biological father Jeff Brazier.

Jack told Star magazine, “I didn’t think about it too much at first as she didn’t look pregnant so I didn’t feel like she was pregnant!

“I suppose I did think about whether I should get myself involved in this kind of scenario again.

“Jeff Brazier has stopped me seeing Bobby and Freddy so I was like: ‘Do I want to get myself involved in another kid’s life, become attached to him, and then all of a sudden get him taken away from me again if we split?’ And I couldn’t even do anything about it because he is not legally my kid.


“So yes, it did cross my mind but I liked Chanelle so I couldn’t really say no. She comes as a package with the kid and I accept that.”

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