Jade Goody leaves £3 million in her will to her young sons

The late reality TV star leaves her multi-million pound legacy to Freddie and Bobby while husband Jack receives her old car

Jade Goody has left £3 million of her wealth to her young sons Freddie, 6, and Bobby,5, it has been revealed in her will, nearly a year after she passed away last Mother’s Day.


The money has been set up in a trust fund and managed by a team of trustees. Once she knew her cancer was terminal, 27-year-old Jade requested that her sons wishes must be “regarded as paramount” and wanted the money to go towards her beloved boys’ education. “They’re very well provided for and Jade will be smiling down from heaven. It really was all she cared about in her final weeks – that her boys would have a proper schooling and not have to face the struggles she did growing up in a poor family in Bermondsey,” her close friend told the News of the World.

Freddie and Bobby’s dad, TV presenter Jeff Brazier, is named in her will as their guardian until his death, while her husband Jack Tweed, 22, who she married weeks before she died, has been left her old car and her mum Jackiey a £10,000 ‘gift’.

Before the reality TV star passed away from cervical cancer last March, she set up a string of lucrative media deals from her deathbed so that the funds would increase her sons’ trust fund after she had gone. The remaining wealth, believed to be around £3 million, is said to be proceeds from her perfume deals, reality TV shows, autobiographies and her three properties all gained since she came into the spotlight in 2002 after appearing on Big Brother.


“The bottom line of all this is that she’ll have looked after her two young sons and no one has to worry about their financial security or education,” said her friend.

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