Now, ads interrupting your fave show can be annoying - but, if it's a good one, they can really get people talking, right? Kind of the idea ?


And this one - from Japanese milk brand Rakunoh's Mother - has definitely got people doing just that ?

It shows a spaceship with a giant udder spraying kids with milk, getting it into the empty glasses they happen to be holding (errr - just in case a giant spacecraft shooting milk should come along, obvs....)


At first, the udder's hidden from view, but the space doors open to reveal it pointing at the ground...


And the kids look pretty much as confused as we'd expect them too...


Viewers have had - as you can imagine - a mixed reaction to the ad. One commented: "This is madness!" (we kind of agree) while another asked: “Shouldn’t *that* be pixelated when it appears onscreen?"

Hmmmm - take a look for yourself....

What do you make of the ad?

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