Jennifer Ellison: “I feel like a heifer when I look at Kate”

Kate Middleton’s maternity style has gained her lots of admirers, including expectant mum Jennifer Ellison


Pregnant Jennifer Ellison says she feels huge compared to the Duchess of Cambridge. “I feel like a heifer when I look at Kate,” she told Now Magazine. “She’s like a little doll with a fairy-tale bump, whereas I’m just waddling along.”


Jennifer is expecting a second child with her husband Robbie Tickle and feels insecure about weight-gain. “I’ve been eating normally – not for two. During my last pregnancy my cravings were steak and chips and then I’d have a starter and dessert every day – and that was just my lunch. I haven’t done that this time,” she said. “But I had about 25 pieces of toast and a chocolate bar this morning!”

The actress didn’t realise she was expecting until she was four months pregnant, because she suffers from ovarian cysts and was told she was unlikely to conceive again. She failed to notice her lack of periods as she didn’t have a regular cycle.

Jennifer is delighted about her pregnancy; her baby is due this month, like the royal baby. Jennifer said of Kate: “She doesn’t have maternity wear like me because she’s so tiny. She’s probably in the clothes I was in before I got pregnant!”

She said: “I don’t want to be a size 18 again [like her last pregnancy]. I won’t let myself get to the size of a house. I’ll try to stay away from treats, but I won’t be obsessive and I won’t eat for the sake of eating.

“It piled on last time because I sat at home bored.”

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