Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe became a mum for the 1st time 4 weeks ago ?


And though she’s been keeping the name of her newborn son hush hush, she has been speaking out about her post-baby body.

The 34-year-old actress, best known to ‘oaks fans as Mercedes McQueen, posed in her undies before a full-length mirror, in a shot posted to Instagram.

Alongside the snap, she really detailed how her body had changed, and how she was feeling about it 1 month on from giving birth…

Her post in full:

"4 weeks after my boy has vacated his apartment this is what I'm left with, and it really isn't that bad!

"I know a lot of women feel anxious about what their postpartum body will look like, but for me, this was the least of my worries (I had a poo pregnancy!)

"I wasn’t worried about what my body was going to look like when my boy had finished using it to grow. Instead, I was intrigued/excited to see the new me, and I like it! ?

"The boobs have finally settled down. After breastfeeding, they swelled beyond belief, going from a modest B to a never-seen-before F (leftie must have been at least a G ?). They were lumpy, absolutely wrecked and my once lil brown nips had trebled in size. I couldn't wait to see after all this, what they were gonna look like. These are more than OK. I fed a human with them; they are awesome!?

"Where my flat tummy turned bump once was, I now have a squishy bit of comfort for both my boys! Lil man uses it to bounce off to relieve his wind. Greg’s gone from babysitting him in my tummy to holding the 'squidge' whilst he sleeps (usually not for long?) with me all cozy under the arm.

"Arms and legs are wobblier and I'm defo rounder, but I think the extra lbs suit as I get older.

“I'm still hairy ? I swore once I could see IT again, I would sort it but, these days, I have bigger fish to fry,so pls don’t judge if you spot a spiders leg or 10!

“The bum?the bum’s BIIIIG, but the size as actually stretched out the cellulite a bit? so every cloud ??

"Everything has healed downstairs and over the next couple weeks maybe I’ll have a nose. This does make me slightly anxious… on it with the pelvic floors?

"I have lots of friends who are pregnant/new mums. I know their new bodies can make 'em feel insecure and down. I think it's important we see unfiltered bodies during and after our babies and celebrate them! I❤'d seeing how my body adapted to accommodate new life and it’s truly, beautifully, mind-blowing... So for now try to enjoy your perfect changing shell❤️

"I wanted to post sooner but my new home (Greg’s former bachelor pad) didn’t have a full-length mirror. I sorted this amongst other things?”

The response

We’ve got to say, we don’t think we’ve ever seen such an in-depth account of all the post-baby body changes we go through from a celeb mum… ever ?

She’s covered boobs, bum, tum, arms, legs, body hair and even, erm, the state of down below…

And though, obviously, Jennifer looks totally incredible in her selfie (ahhh, to be a celeb ?), reading all this still felt like a breath of fresh air.

Because she's totally saying it like it is.

And that’s how her fans – many of them new mums or mums-to-be – felt, too.

“I love this post. It's so inspiring," wrote one. "After recently finding out I'm expecting my 1st bundle of joy in March 2018, I am very worried about how my body will be after. Or about my partner not finding me attractive.

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"But after reading this post I think, stuff it. At the end of the day, the important thing is my little miracle baby."

"Very refreshing to see this...Too many people expect bodies to be the same as before pregnancy because celebs work out too soon," added another.

"Women have lumps and bumps, stretched skin and scars from the constant growth change... We are natural and beautiful and should let the body heal."

"This is one of the best, down to earth, so honest takes after you have a baby,” a fan summed up. "You look fab so well done and ? the mirror x”

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer ?

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Image: Instagram/Jennifer Metcalfe

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