Jennifer Metcalfe’s baby name choice has finally been revealed – and boy, was it worth the wait!


The 34-year-old Hollyoaks actress and her boyfriend Greg Lake have named their 6-week-old son Daye Colmic Lake.

How cute ???

Explaining how the very unusual moniker came to be, Jennifer admitted to OK! that she actually just invented the name herself…

“I made it up on my way up to Newcastle about 2 years ago,” she revealed to the mag.

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“We weren’t trying for a baby - we never really spoke about kids until we really wanted him – but we knew it would happen one day."

Former Geordie Shore star Greg added: “I wasn’t sure about it but one day I was driving home and I thought, Daye Lake sounds good. I like this! That was always the name for a boy.”

Daye’s equally unique middle name, Colmic, is a hybrid of both Jennifer and Greg’s dads names – Colin and Mick, respectively.

Jennifer noted that she’s not personally a fan of more than one middle name, so decided to get creative with the tribute to their parents.

One thing's for sure, there'll only be one Daye Colmic Lake running around the playground ?

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Images: Instagram/Jennifer Metcalfe

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