Jessica Alba finally seen with baby Haven!

Mum-of-two spotted with daughter Haven after weeks of it being all about Honor


Now we’re not suggesting that mum Jessica Alba, 30, has a favourite child or anything, but boy does it make a change for her to be seen with her youngest daughter, 4-month-old Haven, not Honor.


Heading out for a bit of Christmas shopping, Jessica pulled ‘a Beckham’ by clutching Haven like a handbag. Maybe she’s just realised it’s fashionable to be spotted out with a baby on your arm. Could the days of celebrity buggy spotting soon be over?

For weeks Jessica has flooded her Twitter with the goings on of her and Honor. From making her Halloween costume to taking her for a mani-pedi you’d be forgiven for thinking Honor was Jessica and Cash Warren’s only child. But finally, Haven got to spend a bit of time in the spotlight, hanging out with mum and taking in the crowds.

Getting in the Christmas spirit, Haven clutched, er, an elephant and Jessica scowled a lot. Hmm…we’re sure they’ll get there.


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