‘Yes, I judge parents who dump kids at hotel kids’ clubs,’ admits mum

"Who goes on a family vacation and leaves their kids for hours and hours with complete strangers?"


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When it comes to the topic of childcare on holiday, it can be a bumpy ride. A while ago we shared the story of a mum who said she put her child into childcare for a few hours every day on holiday, which got lots of you talking.

And now a mum has come out on the other side of the argument to say she has no qualms at all in, basically, totally judging parents who do just that ?

The post in full

Writing for Your Tango, author Laine White said this:

“Our days started at 8am – we’d hit up miles and miles of a breakfast buffet that served fresh fruit, fluffy pancakes, cheese plates, an omelet station, pastry bar and anything else you might want for breakfast/brunch.

“After breakfast, we’d meander around the patio that was lined with palm trees and plants that grew purple, yellow and white flowers all in one.

“My son suggested the bud I often plucked from the plant and slid into my hair looked like ‘a bowl of sherbet.’

“Little moments like that make vacationing with my son so special – and so was watching him dash into the crystal clear aqua ocean that was 80 degrees with no aggressive waves.

“I work full-time and he goes to an aftercare program and plays sports. Weekdays are a blur of unknotting, unforgiving baseball cleat shoestrings, finding lost library books due now, frozen (but organic) pizza for dinner and homework, and sometimes back to work for me.

“There’s never any time to play a board game, watch a show or just relax together. Vacation is about unplugging and relaxing, so that’s what we did.

“That’s when I spotted the camp counsellors and their hoard of children that parents had deposited in the “hotel kid club.”  

“The children wore plastic bracelets, some had multiple colours ringed up their arms – indicating they’d been to hotel kid clubs several times. 

“‘I don’t wanna go on the slides again,’ a spirited little girl whined to her counsellor. ‘The group is doing slides for now. Go play,’ she said matter of factly. 

“The little girl in the tutu bathing suit sat on the pool stairs with her arms folded. Other kids had fun, dashing around in the splash pad and shooting down the water tubes.

“There were so many kids in the hotel kid club; I couldn’t count them all. I wondered what their parents were doing: A quiet lunch? Massage? Parasailing? Afternoon delight? Getting drunk? 

“Whatever they were doing, I decided they sucked immediately.”

Our thoughts…

Say what you really think, eh? ?

Laine goes on to say how she doesn’t like the idea of leaving the kids with strangers (fair enough?).

She also says she likes to be an ‘unselflish’ mother.

We’re guessing that means she’d rather spend time with her kids doing stuff they want to do than having some ‘me’ time on holiday (though is that really so selfish? It’s your holiday too, after all…)

She also reminds parents that before you know it your kids will be teenagers and off doing their own thing – so you need to make the most of family time together when they’re little. A valid point?

What do you think?

Hmmmm – plenty of food for though from Laine there. And she certainly hasn’t held back.

We’re not sure her judgy tone is too hot – but do you agree with the point she’s making? That a family holiday should be about family time? 

Or do you manage to do a bit of both when you’re away – kids club AND occasions when everyone’s together? And perhaps your kids absolutely love the time they spend with other children doing all sorts of activities.

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