Julia Roberts reveals motherhood role model

Julia Roberts names Meryl Streep as her role model when it comes to raising her Hollywood brood


Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has revealed that Meryl Streep is her motherhood role model, and that she doesn’t want her career to impact on her being a mum.


It seems that Julia, 44, learnt a thing or two from Meryl’s 25-year-old daughter Grace Gummer, after working alongside her on the set of Larry Crowne.

In an interview with Vanity Fair Julia said, “Grace comes up [to me] and goes ‘Gosh, it’s so sweet seeing all your kids on the set. It reminds me of when I was little, and I would go see my mom work’.”

Mum-of-three Julia explained that she saw her chance to pick up a few tips on raising a family in the Hollywood spotlight.

 “I thought, here is a source of information. I said [to Grace], ‘How old were you when you realized your mom was Meryl Streep?’ She said, ‘I think I was probably 9 when I put it all together’,” explained Julia.

Julia added, “I said, ‘Were you cool with it?’ She said, ‘Yeah, it was fine. There was not trauma.’ So that was hopeful.”

It seems that Julia has done pretty well in her efforts to shield her little ones from the reality of her profession. She said her own kids have no idea she is famous, and she recalled a day out with her 7-year-old twins Finn and Hazel, “Somebody said as we were walking past, ‘Oh, that’s Julia Roberts’. We all kept going, and then Finn said, ‘Yeah, my mom’s Julia Robinson’,” said Julia.

“That’s what gives you perspective. It could be Robinson, it could be Johnson, because it has nothing to do with me as a person,” explained Julia.

As well as hazel and Finn (who’s full name is Phinnaeus), Julia is mum to Henry, who’ll turn 5 this June.

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